Uptime watchdog

The uptime watchdog is a modular software that regularly checks on the uptime of websites and services and sends an e-mail each times a website or a service have been confirmed to be offline.

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Bibliothèque Virtuelle

The Bibliothèque Virtuelle (Virtual Library) is a files repository where visitors, members and administrators can download files. Administrators can add new files using various sources such as, FTP server, direct upload, using Dropbox and more.

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The Centre de coordination de référence is a project launched by the RUIS de l’Univesité de Montréal. It’s mission is to offer services that contributes to ease the access to health and specialized health services.

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Gi² professional profiles module

The Gi² professional profiles module is a module where professionals can create a work profile for themselves. They are able to show their skills in domains and mandates and they can show their formations.

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The Société québécoise de psychologie du travail et des organisations is a professional society created in 1980. It unites practitioners and researchers interested in the large domain of work psychology and organisations.

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SteelServers was a video game server and web hosting company that I used to manage. I provided e-mail assistance to my customers as well as managing the control panels that are used by this project.

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Mineserver is a software that is made to emulate the official Minecraft® server software and to provide more features with better performances and less resources consumption as well as providing a fully featured plug-in system.

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Awesom-O is an open-source software that allow players to automate their tasks in the Diablo 2® game. This software is a proxy that shape and control the network packets that are sent to and from the servers. This software also inject mouse actions into the game window in order to perform regular tasks.

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GStats++ is an open-source PHP framework that is specialized into transforming data into statistics with ease. It was originally made to provide statistics for the GHost++ project which is a Warcraft 3® game manager.

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