Awesom-O is an open-source software that allow players to automate their tasks in the Diablo 2® game. This software is a proxy that shape and control the network packets that are sent to and from the servers. This software also inject mouse actions into the game window in order to perform regular tasks.


This was the first project that I was working with a larger team (between 6 and 15 developers) and that had such a large impact (multiple thousand users). I had a lot of fun to analyze the technical grounds of one of my favorite games. I learned a lot by communicating regularly with the developers team that consisted mostly of veterans of the field.


Skills required

  • The newest version of this software is written in Java.
  • C# is being used for the development of utilities around the software.
  • The older version of this software are written in C++.
  • The automation scripts are written in Lua.