New Blog

This is my new blog.

It will soon replace my portfolio website as it will contain all my work that is available publicly with some additional details and comments.

I want to use this blog as a medium to share about the things I find interesting in programming, philosophy and video games.

Some history

I made my first website at the age of 9, which was basically a Geocities website, so I never really considered it as programming experience.

By the age of 11 I had made my first website using HTML and I was an active member of the’s forums (french, web development, now inactive), which I became moderator when I was 13 years old. This forum helped me a whole lot by enabling me to exchange with other active members and it allowed me to rapidly learn the ropes of web programming. I soon learned about PHP/ MySQL for web programming when I was looking for a solution to ease the process of making a website.

Soon after, I made some small projects in C++ (after learning that Delphi was probably not the best idea to make video games), some with only the standard libraries, some others with 3d/2d graphics engines in order to make games and some others that I made just for fun and to test how network communication works.

And after that I made some projects in Python and C#, like an IRC bot and server scripts for game server hosting.

Thereafter, I joined the Awesom-O development team for the open-sourced Diablo 2 bot that used to work with Redvex (a proxy software for Diablo 2). My main goal was to enable the ability to have multiple bots working together.

Then I joined a few open-source projects here-and-there and I made a couple closed-source ones, mainly to experiment with different languages.

Right now

I am a programmer, mostly experimented in web development. But I also have participated in a few software projects, some larger than others.

I currently work at Phoenix Prosperity at which I lead a team of developers for one of it’s projects. I have been working there since 2011 and we expect to launch a first version in the next couple of months.

I am also working on a few personal and open-source projects, such as PHPEveCentral and Cervo and I am taking on a few small contracts here and there.