Northern Arena

Northern Arena

Northern Arena has become the leader of esports throughout Canada and is focused on creating platforms for onsite events and online leagues. By working closely with various game developers, Northern Arena is aiming to bring these events and leagues to players and audiences seamlessly and professionally with world-class production quality and innovative content distribution methods.


We built an online platform to give the organisers the ability to manage their events on a single platform. Every single parts of the website are customizable and manageable by their staff.

The back-end is built on top of Cervo+, which is a proprietary API framework built by Nevraxe inc., my company. It allows us to build a very secure API with ease.

The front-end makes use of AngularJS and uses the API in order to fetch all the data it needs.


Skills required

  • The back-end platform is entirely written in PHP.
  • Cervo is the framework used for this project, Cervo+ is used to extend its abilities.
  • The front-end uses Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS.
  • The management tools are written in PHP.
  • We use MySQL as database.